Thursday, April 26, 2007

A knee for Daddy!

On Tuesday night, Samuel and I were relaxing in the living room watching TV when Malachi started getting really squirmy. I told Samuel to "get over here and talk to your son" :) since Malachi and Daddy haven't interacted in a couple days since Malachi is so picky about who touches his belly. This is so weird to us since Natalie loved being talked to and rubbed while in the womb--you could tell she liked her nightly story time and chit-chat with Dad and if it didn't happen at the same time it normally did, she got squirmy and made Mommy uncomfortable! Samuel came over and put his hands on my belly and I would put them in the "correct" places according to what Malachi was doing at the moment. Malachi got some pretty good kicks and pushes in against his hand. I was lying there half asleep while they played when all of the sudden Samuel says "What's this?". I looked down and Samuel had his hand on the upper left side of my stomach--Malachi is almost never there. I felt what he was wondering about and discovered it was a knee--too big to be an elbow and too small to be his back or butt. For the next minute or two, Samuel would gently tap on it (gentle or not...that hurt!!) and Malachi would poke him back. Then all of the sudden Malachi was done and he pulled his knee away and stayed quiet for the rest of the night. My, my...what a picky boy. Makes me wonder if we might have our hands full!! :)

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