Monday, April 30, 2007


So this morning I had another ultrasound at my OB's request. I went in on Friday last week and he confirmed that he had dropped and that he was still big. He told me that I am measuring 4 weeks ahead and, by poking and proding my stomach, Dr Frank guessed Malachi is about 8 pounds (this is at 36.5 weeks!!!--Natalie was born at 36.5 weeks at 5 lbs 13.5 oz!!! owwee). I had to get the ultrasound done at a place other than the clinic I usually use and the technician seemed to take more time to double and triple check everything--so hopefully it will be as accurate as possible. I asked her if the computer told her how big he might be and she said that she had to imput his "trends" from my other ultrasounds before she could give us an accurate answer. So I guess we will have to wait until Thursday when I see Dr. Frank again to find out how big our chunky monkey is. I feel like a huge pregnant ogre and that he could come bursting out of my belly button at any minute. I felt especially massive this weekend when I went out to lunch with my mom and two of her friends. The woman who seated us was pregnant and looked to me about 6 months along. I asked her how much longer she had to go and she said 6 weeks left. That's only 2 weeks behind me and if we had stood hip to hip I would have stuck out at least two or three inches past the largest part of her stomach. I couldn't believe what came flying out of my mouth..."are you kidding?"...then I realized what I had just said wasn't the best thing I could have said to this poor girl and the only thing I could come up with after that was "that's not that long to go!" What an idiot!!! I, of all people, should not be saying insensitive things since I have heard them all--between people criticizing me for carrying my daughter to term "only to watch her die" and then countless people commenting about how "HUGE" I am with Malachi and telling me that I need to be planning for multiples. Oh well, I guess we all have our stupid-head moments--at least I don't know her and will probably never see her again. I blame my preggy brain--it's just not working properly at the moment!! :) haha can't use that excuse for much longer...I guess I will have to use the "my baby is sucking my brains out of my boobs" excuse then!! :)

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Teresa said...

Wow!!! It sounds like it could be any day now!!! I am so excited for you and will keep you in my prayers!!! Have a good week, who knows, it might be you last prego week :)