Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Look I can stand!...

...well sort of! But I'm not holding on to him with my hands at all! Malachi loves using his legs. At church, he likes Samuel to hold him lying on his back on Samuel's lap and then he pushes with his feet against Samuel's stomach. The first time Malachi did it, he nearly hit his head on the pew in front of us!! Have to be more careful about that I guess!! Malachi loves to sit up in my lap, leaning up against my chest (like he is in the picture) and I will make him "jump". His legs start going and he actually does some of the jumping by himself!! What a strong boy! I wonder if he will be running around sooner than we think...Samuel started walking at 6 months!! He continues to amaze me...6 weeks old and he is already in size 3 diapers. When we weigh him at home, we figure he is about 15 pounds! He can already hold his head up 90 degrees. I am so thankful for such a healthy child...we couldn't be more blessed!!

I just had to throw this pic in, too...I love him so much!

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buhtafly said...

look at him! what a strong boy!! he is just so stinkin cute!!!