Sunday, August 5, 2007

What a week!!

Well, this week is finally over. I went back to work part time on Monday. Oh how I missed Malachi!!! My mom watched him on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and he stayed home with Samuel on Thursday and Friday. Work went fine. Everyone was super nice and it was sort of nice to get back to doing something "normal", but I would stay home with Malachi in a heartbeat if I could!! He is doing really well at switching back and forth between the breast and the bottle--I am sooo thankful. I would have to say the hardest thing about going back to work is not having as much time with him during the week. It is hard to come home and only have a couple hours with him before he goes to bed...I miss playing in the afternoons after his nap like we used to! It was so nice to be home with him on Saturday...just like the "good ol' days!! haha!

Today we went and had some professional pictures taken at Babies-R-Us in Tigard since we had a coupon for 12 free photo cards (which is the only way I would get any pictures from them--they are SOOOOOO expensive!! Packages start at $70 and sheets were $17. Thank God for JCPenney!!). He was so happy and smiley the whole way up and then we got there and he decided that it was nap time and would only fuss for the photographer. We did get a few cute shots though and chose this really cute one with the soccer ball his Daddy got for me for the cards.

Oh and of course he smiled and laughed all the way home!! What a goober!!

Today while we were at Babies-R-Us, they had a good sale going on Pampers, so we decided to get a box of size 4 diapers to see how they would fit on him since his 3's are starting to get leaky since they don't overlap on the sides anymore. We knew we would be able to use them eventually if they didn't work right now. We got home and put one on fits so well. Those weird weight ranges listed on the boxes are so stupid (just like the oh-so-consistent sizes on baby clothes). I think that they should start making the sizes go by waist measurements...that makes so much more sense to me!!! It just seems weird to me to have a 12 week old baby in size 4 diapers. Makes me wonder...will we have to potty train at 1 year old since we will already be out of the largest size they make. hahaha I know that won't happen, but you know how the paranoid mommy mind works.

Well, back to the grind tomorrow I guess. :) Hope you all have a good week!!

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buhtafly said...

that is such a cute picture!