Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Time to babyproof!!!

OK, so we definitely know that we can roll around to get to something that we want. He will roll to toys, but prefers to play with shoes and the bottom of his exersaucer. He will grab onto it and really study it...maybe all the bright colors...maybe trying to figure out how it works...maybe he recognizes that it is his toy that he likes to play with. Regardless, he gets mad when you try to move him away from it. And forget moving it to another part of the room...he just rolls over there. Crazy kid. We are also hooked on tags at the moment. Forget the bright, colorful toy it is attached to...he finds the tag on anything right away. One of our friends made one of those no-sew fleece blankets for him (thanks Jenni!!) with the tabs cut on the edges and he will sit and stare at that thing forever. When he gets tired, he will isolate one of the tabs and put it around his thumb and suck on the pair until he falls asleep...needless to say, that blanket gets a big soggy sometimes!! I need to make another one so that we can have more than one in strategic places. Fun, fun, discoveries every day!!!


buhtafly said...

What fun!!! it wont be long now! he is gonna keep you on your toes!

Kailani said...

Yes, always have a back-up . . . the more the better!

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