Thursday, January 31, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy!!

I can't believe I have gone so long without blogging!!! My job description has been changed at work, so in between training for my new job and helping to teach the girl that is taking over my old position, I have no time to check email, blog, or keep up with everyone else's blog at work, which is when I normally did that. This is a good change, definitely something I feel like the Lord is putting in our lives on purpose. Anyways, so much has happened in these last two weeks, I just need to get updated!!

Last week, Malachi's top two teeth started coming in. His gums have been swollen for a few days before that, but the little tips started showing through. So last week was a snotty, feverish, cranky mess with a cold mixed it for good measure. All three of us had colds last week...I think that I picked it up from working in the nursery!! No fun at all. His teeth have slipped back in for now, but I bet they will come out soon. Can't wait for those beaver teeth to come in...he'll be able to bite real good then! Oy!

This week lots of fun and funny things happened this week so far.

Monday, as I was driving Malachi to my Mom's house so that I could go to work, I noticed (in the mirror we have in the backseat for Malachi) that he was messing with his stocking cap. He ended up pulling it over his eyes and nose. He struggled for a few seconds to get it up and out of the way, but once he determined that wasn't happening, he just stuck his thumb in his mouth and sat there sucking away until I reached back and pulled it out of the way. I couldn't help but laugh really hard. This is the funniest thing I have seen in a long time. We also found out today that Samuel's work schedule has changed to 6 am to 2:30 pm Monday through Friday...NO SATURDAYS!!! This will be fun, getting to spend more time together and doing more things. Oh, and here's a cute shot from dinner...I think that he got more on his face than in his mouth!

Tuesday, it snowed. We needed to do some grocery shopping in the evening, so we all bundled up and headed out. Malachi did his best impression of the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man in his big winter coat, and generally hated not being able to move as he pleased, but seemed to enjoy the snow when we went outside. As we were walking from the store to the car, he would lean back and the snowflakes would hit him on the face and he would grin really big and giggle a little. Very cute. By the time we got home, we had entered the cranky-pants zone, so we didn't get to take him out to play in it. Bummer, because it was all basically gone in the morning...only wet slushy stuff left.
We had some pretty big flakes falling at our house! The second picture is of the snow collecting on the branches of our backyard tree. I think that it is so pretty when it does that!

Wednesday, I went to a scrapbooking "class" (for lack of a better term to call it!) at Scrapbook Fever. It is a monthly get together called Kat's Challenge. Every month, she gives you a package of new products to try and then some guidelines she wants you to follow when using them. I have never gone, but my friend Brenda has, and I have been so jealous of the kits she gets that I just had to try it. Some months you get albums to use, picture frames to decorate, or fun new papers to try out. This month, we got some cute papers, some velvet scalloped ribbon, some paper piercing templates, and some embroidery floss to stitch the template patterns with. Then at next month's meeting, you bring what you did with last month's kit to class to show and then to get displayed in the store until the next month. I was so energized and inspired, I had a difficult time sleeping because I had so many scrapping ideas running around in my head...I just wanted to try them right then!! So much fun...can't wait to be able to work on it!!

Well, today has barely started, and already Malachi's morning schedule is off. He didn't wake up for his middle of the night nurse until 5 am (usually he's up and back down again before 4) and then I couldn't get him back down until 7:30 am...just sat and nursed and cried and nursed and cried and nursed and cried until he finally calmed down enough to snuggle in to rock. He normally wakes up for the morning between 8 and 9 am, so I just pray that his nighttime routine won't be too messed up!! I know that I should be cleaning the living room, doing dishes, or taking my shower, but blogging was really calling me this morning. Hopefully I will get back on track with all that soon. Have a good day!!

Oh, I put some new pics on flickr, too!

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Teresa said...

I have been checking in each day and waiting to see a new post...glad you are back. Sounds like life is BUSY and I can't wait to catch up soon! Take care!