Saturday, January 12, 2008


I'm sure you all want to know this but, Malachi bit me this morning while he was nursing! He has never done that before and that is a pain that not like anything else I have experienced. I don't think that he did it on purpose, he was really fussy and I was trying to get him to nurse and calm down. He does this funny cry now where he will scream and then yell babababadadadada in his angriest voice and then scream to the heavens again. It is especially cute when he is doing this in his exersaucer since when he is babbling, he will do it to his lap and then throw his head back to scream. Anyways, he was doing this while he was trying to nurse and I think that he didn't realize that I was still in his mouth and chomped down. OH MY GOSH!!! I yelled and Samuel came running thinking that my head is exploding or something and kind of laughed when he realized what had happened...let him do it to you and see if you laugh!! :) I even bleed a little! My poor has definitely seen better days. I sure hope this doesn't become a habit, or my little boy will be in for a not very nice surprise!! :) Has this happened to anyone else...any advise on nipping (oooh...bad word choice!) in the bud?

This has nothing to do with this, but Grandma Ramos introduced us to Graham crackers, and we are in LOVE!! Just had to share this cute pic!! 8 month update and buddy shot to follow soon!!


buhtafly said...

OUCH! that is not fun! been there and yes, it hurts! It only happened a couple times, and when he did it, I told him NO, and unlatched. If he did it a couple times in a row, I took him off and he was done. haha Good Luck! it was a phase- around the same age and then he stopped and did it again a couple months later.

Teresa said...

I am with Bree on this one! I also was lucky enough to experience the pain that you are talking about and I did the same thing Bree did. As far as I know the BIG issue is to make sure you DO NOT laugh or positively encourage it in any way or they might want to make it into a "game". Good luck and keep us posted :)

Rochelle said...

i remember the days. it seems like only yesterday..the pain comes flooding back. good luck. be strong, it will pass. i like the new look of the blog.