Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Easter was so much fun this year!! I think even the most ordinary things are more fun when you have a small child at home--seeing things through a child's eyes makes everything so much more exciting!
On Saturday, after I got off of work, we went to my grandparent's house and had Easter pizza :) It was fun to see my family and Malachi is old enough that he actually plays with everyone...so cute. We had a candy hunt outside (except Malachi just found all the rocks and leaves to put in his mouth!) and Grammy gave him his Easter basket (a dump truck filled with Little People toys, a new book, a little rattle, and a cute giraffe onesie). When my mom gave it to him, he got really excited and started waving his arms in the air and squirming to get down to see it. Great Grandma also gave him some colored wiffle balls, which he LOVES, since he can get his fingers in the holes for a good grip and bang them together! Here are some pics!

I found some!

Playing with cousins is fun!!

Sunday, we went to church (Malachi was in the nursery for the second time! Yay!) and then went to lunch with Samuel's parents. Grandma and Papa gave him a new truck, some socks, bubbles, cookies, and some jello jigglers. We had wanted to go to the zoo, but the weather was too crummy, so decided to go to Build a Bear instead. There is an adorable monkey to stuff and then you can buy a soccer uniform complete with jersey, ball, shin guards, and cleats...have to have it! So off we all go in the Mazda to Tigard only to discover that the mall is CLOSED!!! I didn't think that was done for Easter anymore! We decided to head to the mall in Portland just in case...same story. So off to home we go without even getting out of the car! Malachi was so good...two hours in the car and barely any fussing! He just played with his new toys and tried unsuccessfully to sleep. We had a nice relaxing afternoon of napping and playing once we got home.

Happy Easter!

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Rochelle said...

what? what? they close the malls for easter? wow. i am so sorry that you did not get your build a bear monkey....you will have to go soon.