Saturday, March 22, 2008

Pull Up!! Clean Up!!

Malachi has mastered the art of pulling himself up...on furniture, on toys, on your chest when you are sitting on the floor with him, against the chair you are sitting in trying to eat lunch! :) It is so cute to watch him become more aware of his environment and want to discover...I guess running after him will help me get off this baby weight! haha He gets so proud of himself once he pulls himself up...he smiles really big and cheesy, and does a little bouncy dance!! He hasn't figured out that he could pull up on his crib...until Wednesday. Samuel went in to get Malachi out of bed from his nap, and saw that he had both hands up on the rail and was trying (not succeeding thankfully!) to pull up. So, Daddy had a new project to do...his crib was still one of the highest levels (so much easier on the back by the way!!). While we were at it, we took the bumper out of his crib...he hits his head on everything ON PURPOSE, so I really don't think that him smacking himself in his crib is really much of an issue anymore! While we were in the nursery, I cleaned up everything off of the floor...we spend so little time in there right now, so it had gotten a little cluttered. You know, "I'm busy right now so I will put this stuff next to the closet and it will magically put itself away, right?" Then yesterday I went through his too big clothes and made lists of what types of clothes we have for him and in what sizes. My mom is so good at yard sale-ing and second hand store shopping that we are all set for clothes until he gets past 24 month size. WOO HOO!! We found some really cute soccer ball-shaped throw rugs in the $2 bins at Target and we put those down...Malachi loves to play with them!! It makes me feel so much better to have that all done and I can happily cross that off of my "to do" list.

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter, filled with faith, family, and friends!

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