Sunday, March 30, 2008

The weekend

So, since I haven't said much lately, I thought I would do an all-inclusive weekend post.
Friday, Samuel came home early from work since the work crews working on a different part of the building cut the power lines, so once I got home from work, we went to Wings of Wonder, an exhibit in Independence where they have free-flying butterflies. They also "grow" butterflies and provide them for educational kits and other things, so after you sat through a mumbling man who you can hardly understand talk about their laboratory and how we are destroying the earth by building over the butterfly's natural habitat, you got to go into the place where the butterflies were. OK, so I had two issues with this place. For one, it is like 100 degrees in there with 1000% humidity, so my glasses fogged all up and I couldn't see for several minutes, my camera lens was all fogged up so I missed a couple good pictures, and I started dripping with sweat the minute I stepped foot into the room. The second issue is not one I expected. OK, some background info here...I am terrified of moths. I mean pee-myself-and-lock-myself-in-a-different-room-with-blankets-under-the-door scared. I have no idea where this fear came from (no bad experiences with them) and I know that it is completely stupid...they can't bite, they can't hurt you. I think the main thing is that they fly unpredictable-ly and some of them are creepy looking. Ok so I am shaking just talking about them. So back to my issue...I didn't think that I was that scared of butterflies. But as I discovered on Friday...I AM! But the strange thing about this is that I used to catch butterflies when I was a kid and I had a pretty good size collection going, so I guess this is a fear I grew into. There were other people in the room, so I tried to keep it low key, but I was having a bit of a panic attack. Things got better when I could stand still and just watch all around me and be "in control" of my environment and looking back, I wish I could have spent more time to get more comfortable, but everyone else in our group was ready to leave and we felt like we needed to also. But anyways, Malachi loved it...looking at all the butterflies flying around and investigating all the interesting plants they had in there. Here are some pictures.
Watching the butterflies flutter around a big bush at the center of the room.
Saturday, after I got home from work, we headed up to Tigard to get Malachi his soccer monkey. We decided to call him Charlie. He didn't have fun like I thought he might. I think he was done sitting from being in the car, and he had to wake him up to get him out of the car (his only nap all day...woke up at 8 and didn't fall asleep until 5:45 and then only slept for 1/2 hour!!), so he was cranky because of that and hungry! We walked around for a little bit while our rings were being cleaned and then stopped for a bite to eat on the way home. I hope to take a picture of Charlie soon!!
Sunday, we were all ready to leave for church when Malachi crawled over to Samuel, begging to be held. As soon as Samuel picked him up, Malachi put his head down on his shoulder and was asleep in like a minute flat! So, after a napless Saturday, we just decided to stay home and leave to be there when service got out so that Malachi could see Papa. At lunch, Malachi made his kissy face to me for the first time. Grandma Ramos taught him and he has done it for everyone else, but me until today. It's more like a fishy face, but he makes the right sound, so I guess it counts. He also had pickle for the first time. Samuel put a tiny bit in his mouth and he didn't really like it at first, but I think it was the slimy texture, but he ate that bit and a little more with no reactions at fun!! It wasn't a very good pickle, so we will have to try again for the pucker face with a good pickle. After his afternoon nap, he got to swing in his outside swing for a bit before we got too cold. He ate half of a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner--yay!! We have tried sandwiches and bread before, and he hasn't acted interested, but I think cutting it up and letting him feed himself made all the difference. It was really funny seeing him put a piece with a little bit of burn on it--he would screw his face all up and stick out his tongue and let it fall out onto the tray, only to pick it up again and then eat it. Also tried tapioca pudding (Mommy's favorite!!) for the first time and he loves it. He crawled all the way across the room and pulled himself up on my chair, asking to be fed more. I think we have a sweet tooth!! We also took a bath tonight. I can't give him baths on a regular basis since he breaks out if I do it more than twice a week, so I was surprise when he started crawling around the tub. He gags a little since he hasn't figured out that when he sees something underwater, he can't put his mouth on it! So funny! Here's some pictures from today.

Fishy, I mean kissy face! This reminds me of those bitter beer face commercials that were on tv a while back!

Baths are SO MUCH FUN!!!

Yes, we know that his hair is too long!! I have been trying to work up the nerve to cut it myself. I figure we can take him to my hairdresser again if I do a bad job!!

Hope you all had a good weekend, too!!


Rochelle said...

sounds like you had a great weekend. I am so glad that you got to go to build a bear! I am sure M will grow to love the monkey!

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