Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My birthday!

Sunday, April 6th, marked my 26th birthday. Hmmm...I never really thought I would ever be this old. I don't think that others who are 26 and above are old, but on me I just don't like it!! Could it be a quarter life crisis?? haha Anyways...back to the task at hand. We are coming up on Malachi's first birthday, and I am starting to think back to what like was like one year ago. So, following this theme, here is Malachi and I on April 5, 2007:

Man, I was huge!! And that wasn't even near the biggest I got!! My poor stomach!
And here we are again on April 6, 2008:
My, what 365 (actually 366...leap year!!) days will do!!


buhtafly said...

Happy Birthday!!! You are still young compared to me! :)Hope you had a wonderful day! I wish I would have said something to you Sunday morning!!! I am sorry!

Teresa said...

What a neat set of pictures to compare the changes to you and your family in just one short year!!! Wishing you a wonderful 26th year!!! :)