Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Out of Commission

Ok, so Malachi's little stomach thing was definitely NOT a fluke or just something he ate. I started feeling icky on Monday, but I had just eaten a few cookies, so I thought I was just too full. But, low and behold, I was very sick on Tuesday morning. Then Samuel, who, by the way, came home from work so he could take care of Malachi for me since I didn't want to expose my mom more than she had been already (so sweet!), started in last night. I am already feeling nearly normal and Samuel is on the way. My mom, who watched him on Monday, is starting to feel icky, too and I just hope my MIL, who watched him today, won't get it, too!! Babies are just so inconsiderate...they get sick and have no concept of germ control and just pass every thing around everywhere...gosh!! :) haha just kidding!! Oh well, just the trials of mommyhood. Hope none of you get it, too!!

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