Monday, May 5, 2008

Big(ger) Boy!!

So last week, once he started feeling all back to normal, Malachi has given up his afternoon nap. He is awake by 8 am and then goes down for a nap and is up again before 1 pm. Previously, he would go down around 10 am and then again around 2 pm, but not anymore!!! He is up from 1 until 8-8:30 when he goes to sleep. I thought that when this happened, I would feel frustrated since I would have less time during the day to get things done, but I actually like it a bit better. We get more play time in and he goes to bed "on time" since he is so tired and it doesn't take much to get him to sleep. Then we can either go to bed early ourselves, or use that time to get things done or veg out. So nice.

I just can't believe that on Saturday, Malachi will be ONE YEAR OLD!!!!! So crazy...time went by way too fast!!

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