Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back in the Groove...

...or at least trying. We have internet through Comcast and we have been having nothing but problems with it lately. We didn't have service most of the weekend, which makes me a little nervous since we also have Vonage for our home phone service, which runs through the internet line. No internet=no home phone. I know we have cell phones, but it makes me feel a little better when it is working, you know emergency stuff. Anyways, so no internet also means no blogging and no reading my favorite blogs. So sorry that I haven't posted since last week...literally impossible!! Besides, I haven't had much of anything interesting to say anyways. So hopefully things will get a bit more interesting around here...I have a Weight Watcher's meeting tonight, so hopefully I will have some good news to share. I weighed myself this morning at home and it was down, so hopefully it will be on their scales, too! Hope you all are having a good week!!

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