Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Bad couple of days...

Ever since Malachi got to watch the fireworks on Friday, he has been coughing...he started on the way home. I wonder if he is allergic to smoke since this is the first time he has been around this much of it. The first night wasn't so bad, but it kept getting a little worse until Sunday night when the coughing was keeping him from sleeping. It doesn't seem to happen much during the day, just at night or nap time. We called the non emergency line for our doctor and talked to a nurse. She said she thought it was more likely a cold than an allergy and was concerned about how fast he was breathing and if we couldn't get it calmed down, we would have to go to the ER!!! She said to suck his nose, put him in the steamy bathroom for 20 minutes and then give him a bit of warm apple juice followed by a teaspoon of honey to coat his throat. That seemed to do the trick, since when she called back and listened to him breathe again, she said he sounded much better. He slept fine for the rest of the night, and once we did the process again, he did fine for his Monday nap. Last night someone honked their horn for the neighbors at 10:30 pm (grr!!!) and he started to cry and cough again, so we repeated the process and then of course he was wide awake and wanted to play. I was reading a magazine article in the living room and Samuel had to get something from the garage so Malachi followed him into the kitchen where the door to the garage is and was playing there while he waited for him to come back. I thought to myself "I probably should go get him out of there so that he can be doing quieter things than banging the cabinets so he can start relaxing to go to bed. Well, I'll just finish this sentence and then go get him." Not more than a second after that, I heard a loud bang promptly followed by screaming. I ran over to pick him up and comfort him, but I wasn't too concerned since you all know how wimpy babies can be when they are tired. But this was no wimpy cry...once I picked him up I saw blood coming from his upper teeth and lower lip...crud!! I got things sopped up a bit and figured out that his bottom lip was fine, just purple and getting fat from what looked like getting banged by a tooth, and the blood was coming from his upper gums above the teeth. After further investigation (quite difficult do with a screaming little boy slapping your hands and flailing around like a dying fish!!), I'm pretty sure the little flappy thing that connects your upper lip to your upper gums is torn. It stopped bleeding right away and he doesn't act like he hurts at all, so I guess it is all right. Welcome to the life of a skinned up, bloody, dirty little boy!! I don't mind, I just know that every so often my heart will skip a beat or two!! haha

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