Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh no...not that word!!!

I was at church eating dinner with some of my friends tonight when guess what a certain mister decided to say to Mommy after she got onto him about doing something bad?? "NO!" complete with a finger wag. I thought I had a little bit more time until the attitude started. Guess not. Anyone have any suggestions on this one??

Another cute thing happened tonight at church. All of the kids were looking out a window and banging on the glass when Malachi side stepped closer to a little girl a couple months younger than he. He leaned down and got close to her ear (all of the mommies were thinking that he was pretty sweet!) and proceeded to growl right in her much for Mr. Suave. At least she has an older brother, so she just looked at him and kept looking out the window. I wish I had a picture of that!! Of course everyone laughed so Malachi thought it was pretty neat and growled for a bit after that. Kids are so crazy!!!

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Rochelle said...

mr sauve has a lifetime of those moments...he is a boy. he is gonna be a heartbreaker! such a cutie pie.