Monday, July 14, 2008

Ouchie and uh-oh

I feel so bad for Malachi right now. On Saturday, I noticed that he had a tiny little sore on the tip of this tongue like I get when I bite my tongue. Sunday morning it was a bit bigger and had turned white and looked like food stuck to his tongue. I didn't think anything of it since I get those whenever I bite my tongue. This morning, it looked like it had doubled and it was sticking out further than the tip of his tongue would normally. Samuel called the doctor while I was at work and they said that it is most likely a virus and that it would need to run its course. They also said that we needed to watch the skin on his hands and feet, since if he started to get blisters there, he might have hand-foot-mouth disease. I looked it up on webmd and the name makes it sound so much worse than it actually is...I was thinking the thing cattle get!!! haha I was so wrong!!! No huge deal and seems like a fairly "normal" kid thing to get. He didn't eat very much at dinner tonight, so I hope it isn't hurting him too much. He seemed fine after a dose of tylenol. Hopefully he'll sleep through the night...he didn't last night and I wonder if it was bothering him.

We have learned a new word..."uh oh". Samuel and I have been saying it when he drops a toy or falls down, and he is just now starting to say it. First he only said it to Daddy, but in the last couple of days, he says it whenever we say it, even if there is nothing to "uh oh" about. He thinks he is pretty hot stuff when he says it and gets the cutest little grin on his face. Man, I love that kid!! :)


surfchick7873 said...

ok...i'm sure you have everyone and their mother sharing their thoughts on the "sore" with you.. BUT I did want to let you know that the first time a child is exposed to the herpes you can get on your lips, they have sore all over their tongue, throat, inside of the mouth----and high fever. Both of my boys were infected at young ages and luckily I learned from Joshua, but they do have to have antibiotics to clear it up.. So just FYI in case there aren't any spots on the hands and feet that develop... Call if you have any questions, Christine Buck

Char said...

If if is the hand/foot/mouth thing, be careful, because it is super contagious! My friends little girl got it, and then she and her husband both came down with it, and it is WAY worse for adults!