Monday, August 25, 2008

STILL no internet!!!

I am so frustrated!!! We haven't had internet in over a month. Luckily, they have been waiving our bill, but it would still be nice to be able to have it. Everyday, I think of something I would like to be able to do on the internet and have to do it the old-fashioned (i.e.--long!!!) way. haha What did we do without the internet?!? I am so thankful for our cell phones, since we also have no home phone. It is just hard to know who has the numbers and who might need the numbers and people who don't are calling our parents to be able to get our cell phone numbers. SO FRUSTRATING!!! This week, Samuel's to-do list includes calling around to see if anyone else offers high-speed in our area--I just can't go back to dial-up!! I have a terrible case of dial-up-rage!! :)

Anyways, we are leaving for Sunriver on Saturday and my MIL is loaning me her laptop. So, hopefully I will be able to get caught up some and post some of the pictures from there. Hope you all have a good week!!

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