Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy little secret

Thank you for the makes me happy to have good friends!!

Well, our happy little (not so) secret is that I am pregnant!! I am 10 weeks and 1 day along today. So exciting!! This makes me due April 15th, but with the way I bake them, I'm sure this one will be born in the single digits of April. April 6th would be birthday!!...but I'm not sure how I feel about April 5th...that was Natalie's due date. This pregnancy follows nearly the same timeline as Natalie's (20 week ultrasound appointment, etc), so we'll see how that goes. I think it is enough differnt that it won't bother us too much, but we'll see. Only a day and a half of a little bit of "morning" (ahem...more like all day!!) sickness, mostly when I take an adult, non-flintstones vitamin, but full fledged food adversions. Very manageable and normal for me.

We are so happy and excited. To help surprise our parents, we bought Malachi a little book about being a big brother with a baby coming home which he loves. We have been pointing out and showing him pictures of babies and he just calls them all "nana". Keep in mind that we have a cat named Hannah, so all cats are called "nana" as well. Hmmm...this might be a bit interesting. Malachi will about a month shy of two years old when the baby is born, so I think that it will be fun to have them closer in age. Everyone that I have talked to who has children this close in age say that their children are more closely bonded to each other and seem to get along better than other kids who are spaced farther apart. Hopefully that will be true for us, too!!

I keep thinking I can feel it squirming a tiny bit in there (I felt Malachi pretty early on, too), but who knows...could be gas! haha If the baby is a girl, than we will name her Sapphira (this was Natalie's middle name and means "beautiful" in Aramaic) Mattea ("gift from God" in Hebrew) and if it is a boy, we are leaning towards the first name Elias (Hebrew for "the Lord is my God") and we aren't sure about the middle name yet. Tell me, and be brutally honest if you need to be, what do you think about Elias?? We have a hard time coming up with and agreeing on boy names, so we don't want to give him something hokey.

Well, that's about it. Nothing terribly fabulous to report this early in the game. I have an OB appointment on Monday, so we will see what he says. Hope you are all having a good day! Thank you for sharing in our excitement!!


Teresa said...

Okay, if I look back on my calendar I am pretty sure you LIED to me :) HAHA I KNOW I asked you last time we worked together in the coffee stand :) HAHA Just kidding. I am SOOOO excited for you guys! Can't wait to see your new little prince or princess! I say you have a princess on April 23rd and name it Teresa :)!!!

About the name...I think I like it, can you phonetically spell it out...I am not sure if I am saying it correctly :)

Change4aDuck said...

A friend from WSBC has a 5 month old that is named Elias. I think it's a good name. :O) Did you get to see Evelyn this last Sunday at church?