Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Big Boy!

We have been working on some "big boy" stuff at our house...here's the latest!
On Saturday, we were eating at a friend's house for dinner. Malachi always has to have an eating utensil in his hand while eating and has never actually used it for it's intended purpose. I was watching him eat off of his plate when he used his fork to spear a piece of turkey roast and put it in his mouth! I was so excited and interrupted everyone to tell them. They all looked at me like I was crazy, but I thought that was pretty stinkin' cool (and so did Malachi, by the way. He was quite proud of himself!).
He now comes to you and says, "I stink" once he has filled his diaper. I can't help but laugh every time he says it...it is so cute coming out of his mouth.
Another favorite new phrase is "How cute!". It comes out more like "ow q" but we all know what it means. He is starting to say it now in response to clothes for Sapphira. Today while I was at work, he and Samuel went to Penney's to use a gift card, and they picked out the most adorable pink footie jammies for Sapphira with pink ladybugs printed on the body and the toes are made to look like ladybugs, too. Sapphira's part of the nursery will be pink ladybugs, so this is so up our alley. Anyways, when they came to pick me up, Samuel shows me what they had gotten, and when he shows me the jammies, Malachi says "how cute!". "Who are these for?" I ask him. "Ra-ra" (his name for Sapphira) and then repeats "how cute!". I have to say that is one of the most adorable things I have ever heard. He is also starting to kiss ra-ra and pull up my shirt when asked where the baby is. I guess we'll see what he really thinks when she actually gets here and starts crying! haha

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buhtafly said...

ra-ra..HOW CUTE is that! Love it! those sure are big boy things! slow down! haha