Sunday, January 18, 2009

That explains it!

On the 12th, I had a regular OB appointment. This time I had to drink that glucola stuff and take the one hour blood test. I told him about the extreme fatigue I was having and he told me that some of that was normal, to try exercising a bit each day, and we would see how my blood results came in. (I was so tired that even though I was actively participating in the conversation, I didn't remember him saying the thing about the blood test results...gosh!) He also measured me, and told me that Sapphira is measuring 2 weeks ahead!! (Another thing I didn't remember him saying by the way!!) Malachi was 9 pounds and off the charts at birth and he never measured that large. I think that I'm a little concerned. Hopefully she doesn't inherit her brother's enormous head...that was the worst part of it. Anyways...back to the blood test. On Tuesday, the late afternoon was spent playing phone tag with a nurse. Finally I was able to talk to her and she said my iron was low. No wonder I was so tired!!! I was about a half a point below the cut off and that I needed to get back on my prenatals in order to get my hemoglobin levels back to normal before I delivered. I had switched to Flintstones at my doctor's suggestion at the beginning of my pregnancy because they made me feel crummy. Luckily that is not true now. After just two days of taking my prenatals, my energy is back to my pregnant normal and I feel a million times better. I'm glad I had to take that test when I did...I don't think I could have gone on like that for much longer!!!

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