Saturday, April 4, 2009

Finally a family of 5!!!

Sorry this post has been so long in coming. At this point, it a choice between computer time and sleeping...I chose SLEEP!! :)

Sapphira Mattea joined our family on April 1st at 1:55 pm. She weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was 18.5 inches long. She has long dark hair and dark eyes. She has her brother and sister's nose and Natalie's cute double chin. She also has her daddy's funny second toe that curls up above the others just like Malachi and Natalie. I definitely think that she and her siblings look a lot alike. She spent her first couple hours in the NICU since, because of my gestational diabetes, her glucose levels were very low. She stayed there in order to get those levels back up and joined mommy at 10 pm. She is a very good nurser, but I think she has her days and nights mixed up a bit and doesn't let mommy get much rest until the early morning. So far she is easy going and doesn't even flinch with all the noise big brother makes. Malachi is doing OK. On Wednesday, his cold seemed to be bothering him a little and he wasn't his normal's hard to tell how much of that is being sick or if it is because things weren't normal. Yesterday, after we got home, things were a bit rough, but today was a little easier. We'll get used to this new normal soon enough. He loves to give her "booms" (fist bumps) and high fives and is learning that we can't poke or smack Sapphira. Anyone have any suggestions on how to teach a 22 month old how to be gentle!! :)
Here's some pictures!!

Meeting Ra-Ra for the first time.
Ra-Ra gave Malachi a Lightening McQueen car as a big brother present...very exciting!!
Baby Ra-Ra!!!


Teresa said...

She is SOOOO sweet!!! Keep the pictures ad updates coming (after you get a little sleep )

Anonymous said...

Congrats Amy! I am so happy for you guys. She is so beautiful. Seth couldn't believe how much hair she was born with. We hope Taylor has lots of hair. I can't wait to meet your little cutie.

Char said...

She is so cute!! On the gentle thing, we tell Ryan he can touch with one finger. (How rough can they be with just one finger right?) and we practice nice touches.
Hope you get some rest!