Friday, April 17, 2009

So not ladylike!

My daughter is far from ladylike. In fact, I would say that she is less ladylike than Malachi was at this age. She is the gassiest kid I have ever heard. She is constantly passing gas and pooping like the it's the end of the world--I just don't remember Malachi being like this! Case in point...yesterday morning, I was getting her dressed for the day and as I was changing her diaper, she pooped. But this was no ordinary poop...this was atomic blaster poop. I must have been lifting up her tush at the time it happened because before I realized what was going on, it was all over the changing table, down the front of my robe and all over the carpet...and this all happened before I got a wipe over it and blocked a bunch more from spurting. This kid means business. We had to get the carpet cleaner out to take care of the mess. Malachi would pee all over himself, but never did anything like this. not ladylike! :)

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Rochelle said...

oh crack me up! that is hilarious.