Friday, May 29, 2009

Hose time!

Last summer, Malachi's favorite thing to do was playing with the garden hose and it looks like this year will be just the same. Since it was so hot outside, we let him play for the first time this season. He has so much fun...

He heard a train!

Getting licked clean by Duke
He thought it was soooo funny to put his basketball in the dog's water bowl, push it down into the water and watch it pop back out. He cackled at this for several minutes.
Duke is terrified of the water so he made sure to stay away from Malachi when the water was on...Malachi loves to splash the dogs and Duke only needed one reminder of how brutal Malachi can be with a garden hose!

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Rochelle said...

these are too cute!!! he does love the water doesn't he?