Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Lean Mean Cleaning Machine

Malachi is starting to display his clean freak side. He doesn't care if his toys are picked up, but he is very concerned when his food makes a mess and is more than happy to help Mommy and Daddy "clean" around the house. For example, he was eating some cold cereal the other day and was splashing his spoon in the milk a little. All of the sudden he got a little worked up and started saying "Mess! Mess!" and asked for a kitchen towel. I handed him one, and he proceeded to wipe the inside of the bowl where the milk had splashed. He is also constantly wiping the kitchen table with the towel after he accidentally makes little "messes" at meal time. On Sunday, I was doing a little cleaning in the kitchen and Malachi was quite anxious to help. I just hope this motivation continues once he's actually old enough to be of more help!

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Char said...

So cute! Ryan likes to "help" clean too! Give that kid a baby wipe and he will clean anything!!