Sunday, May 31, 2009

Park day

Today after church, we decided to have a picnic at the park with my in-laws and my two nieces. It turned out to be a wonderful day...we scored a table in the shade next to a big grassy field to play on. There was even a soccer game going on across the way that Malachi had fun watching in between chasing bubbles, drawing with sidewalk chalk, and playing on the playground.
"What are you eating Malachi?" "Pud-da momma"
Loving the bubbles!
Not too sure about how to blow bubbles with out getting them on our mouths. A little later, he took the little cup the bubbles were in and threw it back like a shot so quickly we couldn't stop him. He shivered a little and ran off to play.
"Now what are you eating Malachi?" "Can-deee"

Talking with Daddy

Playing on the soccer field in between games.

Flower child! I made our nieces each a flower crown and of course I had to try it on Sapphira first! Can't wait to teach her how to make them!! :)

Since she didn't have her own crown, I made her a bracelet instead!

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Rochelle said...

love her little flower halo!! so cute. looks like you guys had fun at the park.