Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Terrible storm!

Remember that terrible storm on the 3rd?? Well this is how we came out of it...

Yes, that would be our 60 foot tree in the back yard on our house...grrrr! One side of the tree fell, which made the other half unstable so the entire thing had to come down. Now our back yard is shade-less with no place to put Malachi's swing. What a bummer for the summer. Hopefully, we can go hunting for a new one this weekend.

***Side note*** When the owner of the tree trimming company came back to grind up the stump, he was talking to Samuel about his unemployment. We picked this company because they had a fish symbol on their ad in the phone book and that was the first thing Samuel asked him about when they came to look at the tree. Be sure to use Mountain View Tree Service if you are ever in need!!! Anyways, Samuel told him our story and the owner said that he would have a sales job opening up in the "near future" and he would be sure to call Samuel!!! Wow!!! Wouldn't that be great? I'd trade a tree for a job anyday! Thank you Lord!!!

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