Saturday, July 11, 2009

6.27.09--Day at the beach

My grandma rented a beach house for the weekend so that my mom's side of the family could spend some time together. We drove up on Saturday and had so much fun just spending time with everyone.
One of the many pretty dragonflies we saw on the back deck.
Blowing bubbles with Aunt Laurie

"Fishing" with Boppa (it's a stick with a bobber tied to it!)
It was the weekend of the kite festival in Lincoln City...we had fun looking at all the huge kites.

Our time on the beach was a bit shorter than we thought it would be. Not only was it very windy, but once Malachi's feet got wet and then sandy, he didn't like the "mess" on his feet and asked to go back to the house. We had to carry him all the way back to the road because he didn't want to get more mess on his feet...crazy kid! Why can't he be this particular about picking up his toys! haha

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