Friday, July 24, 2009

More firsts...

Sapphira is just getting so big I can hardly stand it! I can't believe she is nearly 4 months old. In some ways the time has passed so quickly, but mostly she seems like she has been here forever and I sometimes have a hard time believing she is only 4 months old...crazy!!

Last week, she discovered the wonderful-ness of satin. This makes her Daddy very happy as he thinks there is nothing that is as soft as satin. I am personally a flannel girl, and Malachi is a fleece boy, so finally Samuel has someone to share his obsession with! She has two blankets with satin on the back and she will grab handfuls of the material whenever it gets close to's starting to get quite difficult to get it out of her hands! I need to work on making her a lighter weight blanket with a satin edge since both of these blankets are heavy and make her sweat like crazy. Anyone have any tips for using satin blanket binding and making nice looking mitred corners???

Around the same time, she also discovered her thumb and is starting to use it to pacify herself. Malachi is also a thumb sucker so she fits right in at our house! She is still perfecting the art of not poking herself in the eye while sucking, so it doesn't always last very long! We wonder if she might be a lefty since she tends to suck her left thumb, while Malachi sucks his right and does more things with his right side. Her left handed grip is also stronger...her only two left-handed relatives are her Papa (although he was forced to be right-handed as a child) and her youngest cousin, so this will make her extra special. I will just have to pick some your lefty brains to get help teaching her to do things later on down the road! :) Her thumbs are also double jointed and she tugs on them until the thumb joint bends the opposite weird looking!!

Sapphira is just developing into such a neat little girl...can't wait to watch her grow...but not too fast, mind you!

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Teresa said...

Yeah for south paws!!! :)