Monday, July 27, 2009

Such a big boy!!!

I am so proud of Malachi today!! (not that I'm not usually proud of him everyday, but today a bit extra!!!) Malachi likes to pretend to use the "polly" (potty) so that he can wash his hands afterward. He usually asks for the "polly" and then runs in, sits on the potty chair for about 1 second with all of his clothes on and then hops up and declares that he needs to wash his hands, grabs his stool and plays with the water for a minute or two. Today, Samuel saw him in the living room grabbing at his diaper and asked him if he needed to use the potty. "Polly, Daddy, polly!" he says and runs into the bathroom...but this time he insisted that Samuel help him take off his pants and diaper before he sat down and actually went a little in the potty chair!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting!! We made a really big deal out of it and called Grandma and Ga-ga...he was so proud of himself!!! I am so glad that he is finally getting the idea the potty is for more than just sitting on!!! He didn't ask anymore tonight, but I wonder if this is the beginning of more big boy stuff!!! Yay!!!!
P.S. I never thought I would be blogging about my child's bathroom habits...oh the wonderful life of a Mommy! I just love it, really I do! :)

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