Sunday, August 16, 2009

8.1.09--Oregon Steam Up

Grandma and Papa took all 4 of us to the Oregon Steam Up. It is an event where you can see all types of tractors, fire engines, trains, machinery demos, and probably a whole lot more than we were able to see. Did you know that Lamborghini made tractors before they made cars??? I learned something new! Malachi's favorite thing was of course the trains and they even had little ones you can ride on! He got to go on that with Grandma and had a blast!!!Waving to us as he passed by. Everytime we would see us he would yell, "Momma, Daddy, Chi-Chi riding a train!!!!" So very cute!
So excited! They gave him this little piece of yellow paper before he got on and he clutched it and wouldn't let anyone look at it to see what was printed on it. "Chi-Chi's paper, Momma, Chi-Chi's paper."
This was another favorite of his...a sand-box type thing filled with husks with tractors to scoop and dump with...we spent quite a while here.
Sis trying to stay cool in the shade while brother played. It was 90+ degrees that day and we were melting!!!
This is serious business!
Happy girl!!
Standing in a mister with Daddy trying to cool off. Poor girl was totally zapped by the heat by the time we left.

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