Sunday, August 16, 2009

8.11.09--The Zoo

After I got off of work, and Malachi woke up from his nap, we drove up to the Zoo to take advantage of their $2 Tuesday special. We told Malachi we were taking him to a surprise place and he was so excited when he figured out where we were. As soon as we entered the gate, he started asking to see the elephants...can't believe he remembered them...we hadn't been there in several months!So we visited them first...he was so excited since they were actually outside and walking around so you could see them. I think he was a bit amazed at just how large they were!This was Sapphira's first time at the zoo, and she really seemed to like it! Here we were standing in front a cage with a bunch of little bright yellow birds who were flying around like crazy. When Daddy didn't have the camera out, she just sat and watched fun!
We packed a dinner and ate it there. I think she may have been enjoying herself, wouldn't you say?? It rained a bit while we were there, but Malachi didn't seem to mind and since I was wearing Sapphira in my sling, I just used my nursing cover to shield her from the rain. She ended up falling asleep in my sling again...wonder if this will become a pattern?? :)

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