Friday, January 15, 2010

12.6.09--Christmas Program

At our church, all the young children get up during the service on the first Sunday of December to “sing” some Christmas songs. I say “sing” because at our house, practicing the songs involved Mommy singing them and Malachi saying “sing it again Momma” “No Chi-Chi sing it” “No you sing it Momma” so I sing it again and around and around we go. Malachi really liked playing with the bells he was given and watching the older kids actually sing. Our niece Addy was also on stage, and when Malachi figured this out, he kept turning around and yelling “ADDY!!!” to try to get her attention. Have I mentioned how much I love Christmas!!! :)

I loved having an excuse to bring out this "little-man" outfit! I just love this kid!

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