Saturday, February 27, 2010

1.28.10--We got a mover and a shaker!!!

Sapphira just recently discovered that she could roll over more than once in a row to get someplace she wants to go. But today alone, she mastered the art of rolling to a destination, sitting up from laying on the ground, and then leaning forward to crawl (this is the first time she has crawled!), and then pulling herself up to kneeling...busy girl!!! She is crawling very slowly and deliberately, but is definitely going places!!! It just looks so strange to see her moving on her hands and knees since Malachi didn't crawl like that for more than a couple days before walking...he did the army crawl with his forearms. She is so proud of herself and loves that she can move around with brother a bit. I don't think Malachi knows what to think now that she can move, though! :) I had forgotten how much work a little crawler was...I have some things to re-baby-proof!!!
Oh and sometime between clapping and all this activity, she has started waving!!! She just wiggles her chubby little fingers up and cute!! This girl is busy! :)

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