Monday, April 5, 2010

4.3.10--Sapphira's Birthday Party

We celebrated Sapphira's birthday on the Saturday after her actual birthday. We invited family to our house and had a pink and orange (just like Malachi had wanted!) candy party. We found candy orange slices, pink M&M's, and pink and orange jelly beans and used them to decorate the cake table. I had planned on baking her cakes, but after three cake mixes gone wrong, we caved and bought her smashing cake and the guest cake at Walmart. I have decided that baking for parties is not my strong suit, so I will leave that up to the bakeries from now on...that will save me lots of tears and yelling! :) At Malachi's suggestion, we opened presents first. She got lots of cute new clothes and hair pretties, some matching lady bug dishes, and some new toys and books. She loved the bags full of tissue paper! My favorite part of the present opening was, after I asked Malachi to get Sapphira another present to open, Malachi turning to his sister and saying, "I'm gonna get you the baby doll!" He had "helped" me wrap the presents earlier and knew which box it was in. I told him that it was a surprise, so he whispered it to her again and went and grabbed the box and set it in front of her. "Open your baby!!!" hehehe Lucky for him she's still little! :) After opening all her gifts, we sang and let her have her cake. I couldn't even get it on the tray of the high chair before she dug her hands in. Malachi was pretty neat when he ate his birthday cake, so I was surprised when Sapphira started shoveling the cake in as fast as she could. There was just chunks of cake left when she was done with it. We had so much fun! (Sorry for the photo laden post...I just couldn't cut anymore out! :)

Happy birthday girl!

The paper in this bag was almost as exciting as the present underneath!!
Malachi helping her figure out her new toy.
New sunglasses from Ga-Ga and Boppa...she's cute and she knows it! :)
What could be better than opening some new books (one of her favorites!!) and having every one's attention on you?!?
Opening her baby doll (see Malachi? He's saying, "it's your baby, it's your baby!")
She hasn't let it get too far from her ever since!
Checking out our new books together
Yummy cake!
Why use your just slows you down!
Cheesy (or should I say cakey ;) face!
Halfway through...see the hand prints? so cute!
It was everywhere!
Oy! Glad I made a cake smashing shirt for her...can you imagine if I would have left her nice dress on? eeek!
After a bath in the sink. You couldn't see through the was so full of cake!
Crashed on Ga-Ga after too much partying and cake! She slept for close to four hours...that's one of the longest naps she's ever taken!


Teresa said...

Adorable..I love the pictures of the cake and the sweet picture of her sleeping at the end. So sweet! Looks like an AWESOME 1st birthday party!!

奄奄 said...

she‘s very cute!!