Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5.29.10--Sewing with Miss Lacy

Lacy is my brother's beautiful and soooo sweet girlfriend. We call her Miss Lacy, since the first time we met her, they weren't quite dating yet and to be polite (since she is a grown up), I introduced her that way to Malachi and the name has just stuck. We just love her!!! :) Anyways, Miss Lacy came over to sew some cute scarfs since she doesn't have her own sewing machine. We had so much fun talking, playing, laughing, oh and sewing!!! Lacy sewed two scarfs and she brought enough fabric so I could make one, too...we were up until 2:30 in the morning working on these things!!! Thank goodness they are really cute!! I forgot to take pictures of the finished products, but here are some of the work in progress...

Our lovely assistant! She sat in her high chair for close to 2 hours just eating and talking with us. She is such a good girl! :)

Lacy's scarf coming together... Stopping for a play break!

Malachi spent time with us, too, but spent a good portion of the afternoon while she was here I didn't end of taking any pictures of him that day. I tend to forget about taking pictures once the light from the back windows is gone...flash phobia I suppose! :) Okay Lacy, when are we going to get with it and wear our scarves at the same time on the same day as I have my camera with me??? Hmmm...this could take some planning! hehehehe Hope you had as much fun as we did! :)

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