Sunday, July 11, 2010

7.2.10--Beach house with Grandma and Papa

Every year, my in-laws rent a condo on Newport Bay for 4th of July so that they can enjoy the fireworks they put on there every year. In years past, we have gone to enjoy the festivities, but this year, we were having friends over to our house on the 4th, so we drove up after I got off of work on Friday and spent the night so that our kids could spend time with their cousins, go swimming, and possibly play on the beach. We missed out on the third goal since we had to leave in the early afternoon on Saturday, but the kids had tons of fun playing together in the condo and on their deck. We went on "adventure walks" around the property and docks and found lots of puddles to jump in. Malachi and Addy even stayed up until midnight talking and playing together in their room...they love each other so much. We were able to spend time in the pool after dinner on Friday night and both of the kids loved it. Some big kids got in and were really rowdy and made both of our kids so nervous they asked to get out. Bummer...but we got some pretty cute pictures before that! First time in a big pool!
Malachi was very excited about his green noodle!!! He would hold onto the noodle and told me I had to hold him really tight...he freaked out if I let go just a little. I swam all over the pool with him like this. I was very tired when we got back to the room!
Sapphira got to start using the boat. She kicked her feet and loved it when Daddy pushed her around in the water. Walking back to the room. I know that this picture is dark, but I just love watching my boys together. I can just feel how much they love each other when I look at this picture.

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emily said...

oh, good call on the cash/envelope system!!

hope you're well...looks like your beach house time was fun :)