Sunday, August 1, 2010

7.4.10--Fourth of July!!

It's taken awhile for me to post these...I was mostly waiting to get permission from my friend to post pictures of her kiddos on my blog, but since I got that over a week ago...I guess I was being a little lazy about it, too! Sometimes in the evenings or at nap time, I just want to sleep, too! hehehehe

Fourth of July was so much fun this year. We invited our good friends over who have kids just about the same age as ours, so all four munchkins had fun playing together. We BBQ'd hamburgers and hot dogs and then went outside to watch some fireworks. The daddies had fun setting off the entertainment and the big boys had fun watching them...the little ones weren't so sure. Both of them spent time in their mommy's arms fussing. :( Here are some pictures from our celebration!
Watching Mr D getting some smoke snakes going...

...and then investigating what was left over.

Baby G and Sapphira watching...this was before the noisy ones started...still okay sitting on their own!

Picking a firework car to set off...and of course he picked the green one!
He spent most of the time dancing while they went off!! Sooooo exciting!
Getting to hold his first sparkler!! The smoke kept getting in his eyes which he didn't like, and he had a hard time being patient enough to hold onto it until it stopped, but overall this and the snap pops were by far his favorite!!!Buddy N joined in on the dancing! Most of the pictures I have of the big boys have blurry body parts...but I just love this because it shows how excited they were and helps me to remember how much they enjoyed themselves. I can always get "good" pictures later! :)
Waiting for the daddies to do more.
Sapphira watching her first sparkler. Last year she was so little and we went to someone else's house, so she didn't really experience one until this year. She thought they were pretty neat, but by this time in the celebration, she was getting leery of anything that was a firework.
Once it got dark, we headed back to our friend's house since their neighborhood was having a block party with non-Oregon fireworks. Both of my kids hated the big booms and vibrations from the big ones, so we went inside and played. Sapphira ended up falling asleep there, too. After a while, the daddies came inside and we played games until 1 in the morning. Buddy N fell asleep in a rocking chair watching a movie and Malachi just played quietly until we left! Oh my goodness, I don't think he's ever stayed up that late before! What a fun day celebrating our country with good friends!!!

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