Wednesday, September 8, 2010

8.19.10--Bird Buffet

GG (my grandma) showed me a bird feeder she made out of a milk carton, so when we emptied one at our house, I made sure to save it so we could make one ourselves. I poked a hole through both sides and put a stick in for a perch and then gave Malachi a spoon. He had so much fun!

Spreading peanut butter all over the carton. Needless to say, there was just as much on us as on the carton! :)Sprinkling bird seed over the peanut butter... ...and then smashing it in. Making sure there was enough everywhere! Sadie inspecting our work. This dog has a love affair with peanut butter, so I'm sure if we would have set this down for just a second, she would have taken off with it. I decided to be a good doggie mama and fill her Kong with peanut butter...she was occupied for at least 30 minutes licking her lips like Mr.Ed! :)So proud of his work! We hung it up right outside the living room picture window so we can watch the birds eat from it.

He has had a lot of fun keeping an eye on it and telling everyone all about it! I just love how the little things can mean so much to my kiddos! :)

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