Thursday, September 9, 2010

8.31.10--Poor Malachi

On Monday night, shortly after being put to bed, Malachi came out into the living room and says, "Momma, I have something to show you." I'm thinking he's found a toy he hadn't noticed before or a weird shadow from his nightlight, so I was not prepared for what he had to show me. Poor guy had gotten sick all over his bed. Everything had to be washed! Thankfully we had a le-le (his security/comfort blanket) in the car, otherwise my little sick boy wouldn't have had anything to cuddle with. He hasn't been sick like this for over a year and it really terrified him. He got sick several more times that night and when he wasn't waking up because of that, he kept coming in for snuggles. I stayed home from work on Tuesday (which also happened to be our 8 year wedding anniversary! ha Happy anniversary to us!) and we just sat around all day watching Sprout channel. He even fell asleep on the living room floor. We ended up going to the doctor to double check he wasn't too dehydrated after he got sick several more times in the afternoon and the doctor said it was just a virus that would clear up on it's own. I took this picture at 6:30 Tuesday evening...he never goes to bed this early. Poor little guy! Sapphira may have had it on Saturday, since she got sick once, but we didn't think anything of it since she didn't act like she felt bad and had been eating all kinds of treats at Grandma's house. Luckily Samuel and I didn't get it (although we did pass it to our friends who watch the kids on Mondays...sorry!). This just seems so early to be getting sick...hope this is the worst of it!

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