Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Advent Activities

This year, since Malachi was old enough to start understanding the real meaning of Christmas, I decided to do an advent-type calendar. I made little cards with the date on one side and then wrote on the back side the "advent surprise" for the day. This included picking out our Christmas tree, getting out the kid's nativity set, turning in our cans and putting the money in a bell ringer's bucket, making Christmas cookies, new Christmas coloring books, making ornaments, and taking Daddy a coffee at work. Toward the end of the month as the days got busier, the surprise stopped happening every day...guess I'll have to plan better or think of another method for next year.
"Helping" to decorate the tree and sooooo excited!!! "This, this!!" The texture of the tree intrigued her. Malachi's tree for his room. He decorated it himself. The tree was maybe 6 inches tall and he put over 12 ornaments on it...more decoration than tree! :)Finally got to play with their Nativity set!

Making candy cane ornaments.

He is actually very precise and patient when it comes to stringing beads.
Malachi's best buddy, N, decorating Christmas sugar cookies
Malachi, too!!
The little ones could only watch and eat cookies.
N's cookies.
Malachi's cookies didn't stand a chance!
Another casualty!

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