Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gift for Grandparents.

This year, I was really struggling to come up with a gift to give the grandparents. If I had any ideas, they either didn't pan out, or were more money than we had to spend. I was listening to my favorite radio station and they were having a donation drive for World Concern. This organization works with communities in Africa, Asia, and the Americas and provides them ways to develop their villages and also helps with disaster relief. What I thought was pretty neat was that you could buy specific items that are sent to the villages like wells, livestock and fish, medications, and crops. When we saw the good work they were doing, we decided that there was nothing our parents needed more than what we could give through World Concern. We decided on a solar cooker and they even provided little cards to give to our parents that said the solar cooker we bough was going to a family in Chad. They both were pleased that this blessing was given in their honor and we are happy to be able to bless another family like the Lord has blessed us.

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butterflymom said...

Love this idea...and so close to the heart. I'm guessing your parents loved this thoughtful gift. Hoping your holiday was beautiful.