Monday, July 11, 2011

5.7.11--Bubba's 4th birthday Party!!!

Since the weather forecast was iffy (it turned out to be a cold, windy day!), we were able to reserve a room at church to celebrate inside instead of at the park like we had planned. Malachi decided on a robot party, and I sure had fun planning and decorating!! Google, Photoshop, and CopyMax were my best friends this year!! :)

Picture or Video 124 lovely
Robot cupcakes!
Picture or Video 129 lovely
Matching table decorations.
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Since we made the decision to have the party at church at the last minute, I had to quickly come up with some games to play. I gathered up some different size containers around the house and made a bean bag and the kids tried to throw the bean bag in one of the containers to get a sucker. I thought this up the night before and was sure the kids would think it was totally lame, but they were so into it! Doesn't take much to make kiddos happy!
Picture or Video 149 lovely
Malachi LOVED the suckers! :)
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After the bean bag game, we played red light, green light. Malachi loves playing this game at Cubbies, and I thought we could make the kids walk like robots on green light to make it go with the party theme. It was hard to get a picture of them walking silly, but they laughed and laughed when they were doing it!
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Malachi's best friend, N, gave him a garbage truck and snow plow! We had a really hard time getting him to open anything else after these! :)
Picture or Video 197 lovely
N and Malachi playing with the trucks.
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He was so good about letting others help him open and look at presents this year. These two buddies had so much fun together!
Picture or Video 240 lovely
GaGa and Boppa gave him a new book about giant tractors and dump trucks.
Picture or Video 250 lovely
New Word World books...yay!!!
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GaGa found a robot pencil sharpener! When you open it's chest plate, there is a place to put the pencil and as you turn the pencil, you wind it up...
Picture or Video 297 lovely
...and it walks! So clever and a favorite craft time item! (She found it at the Goodwill Outlet of all places! GaGa is really good at finding fun things for basically nothing there!)
Picture or Video 314 lovely
Sapphira got him a Mac truck from Cars that he has been so desperately wanting! So very exciting! :)
Picture or Video 332 lovely
He loved being sung to this year! (Last year he got mad and started yelling and covering his ears when we sang because we made him stop playing :) Crazy boy!)
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Did it all on his own!
Picture or Video 336 lovely
Picture or Video 345 lovely
GaGa, Boppa, Grandma, Papa, and Momma and Daddy all chipped in to get him a new big boy bike! I wasn't able to get any good pictures of him discovering it (we hid it in a closet!) since he was so excited and jumping and moving all around. Once the excitement wore off and he started playing with his other toys, Sapphira got a turn!
Picture or Video 357 lovely
Playing garbage trucks and snow plows with GaGa.
Picture or Video 387 lovely
They must have been deep in thought ;)
Picture or Video 398 lovely
Goodness...I love that smile!
Picture or Video 406 lovely

Party aftermath! :)

We all had so much fun! Malachi really seemed to enjoy the company of all his family and friends and of course his presents, too! :) I know that I get really stressed out in the few days before the kids' parties, but I really enjoy the actual party and watching them have so much fun.

Goodness, Malachi! How can you be 4 already?? It seems like just yesterday that we brought our sweet baby boy home from the hospital! You are such a sweet and thoughtful boy and we couldn't have asked the Lord for a better boy for our family. We can't wait to see what great things this next year has in store for us! We love you so much Bubba!!!

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