Friday, October 14, 2011

9.14.11--We have Cubbies and Puggles, Oh my!

After a rough time for Malachi last year, I was worried he wouldn't want to participate in Cubbies again this year.  I was so glad he decided he would be fun to do it again this year.  The idea of getting the rest of his badges sounded good to him, too! 

Since I am a Cubbies leader, Sapphira gets to attend Puggles which she loves!  She doesn't like being dropped off at Sunday School, so the first time going to Puggles she fussed, but ever since then, she nearly jumps out of my arms to get in her classroom and waves at her teacher when we see her on Sundays.  Currently, the Puggles are studying what God made on the different days of Creation. After learning about the first and second days, she didn't have much to say about her lesson and couldn't tell you (more like she didn't know the words to be able to tell us!) about what she learned.  The week that she learned about the third day was different.  When I came to pick her up, her teacher whispered in her ear what they learned about and brought her to me.  "Sapphira, what did God make on the third day?" her teacher asked her again. "Tree!!!" and she proudly put the picture she colored of a tree complete with apple stickers in my hand.  Then she excitedly waved the two walnuts she'd been given to go along with the lesson and exclaimed "Tree!".  Even now, she still knows what God made that day!  This is also the first class she's attended that makes crafts with more than just crayons and paper.  For the 1st and 2nd days of creation, she got to glue cotton balls for clouds to her papers, and for the fourth day of creation, she came home with a picture of a flower she got to glue tissue paper on.  She is so proud of herself. 

Malachi is also really enjoying Cubbies this year and is getting along with the other boys at his table.  Last year, he was the only boy most weeks, so I think he's enjoying having some comrades this time around.  He is excited to say his verses and do crafts and loves snack time...such a boy! :)

Here are some first day shots:
He was pretty proud to put back on his vest full of badges and his little Cubbie Bear.
When Malachi saw this picture, he said "this is a princess picture since princesses do that with their hand." :)
 Goodness, I love him! 
What a sweetheart!

Now for the outtakes!
"ticka, ticka, ticka!"
Sapphira wanted nothing to do with standing next to her brother!
Malachi has discovered he can curl his tongue and will do it any chance he gets, especially when I get the camera out.

Here's to another good year of teaching and learning about Jesus!

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Melissa said...

So fun!!! Shayne loves Puggles too:) She loves telling me that God made the fruits and "vestables" (vegetables) :)