Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve part 2

Usually for Christmas, we spend Christmas Eve at my grandparent's house, Christmas Day late morning/early afternoon with my in-laws, and then Christmas Day late afternoon/evening with my parents. This year since Christmas fell on a Sunday, we had to move things around a bit to make sure everything fit in and we had plenty of time to spend with everyone. Christmas Eve at my grandparents was held a bit earlier in the day and then we went to my parent's house on Christmas Eve around supper time. Since we had snacked so much at Grandma's house, we were hungry right away for supper, so we opened presents first.

 Just a bit excited to open presents!
 Listening to GaGa read the Christmas story.
"Cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Sapphira is really into Strawberry Shortcake right now and calls her "cake".  She opened this gift from Bobo and Miss Jen first since she saw packages of Strawberry Shortcake stickers taped to the top.  She was so very excited!
I just love this picture because of how excited Malachi is that Sapphira is getting a Strawberry Shortcake. ♥
 Malachi asked for a rocket ship for Christmas.  Bobo and Miss Jen got lucky and found this rocket ship with Buzz Lightyear in it that rolls along the floor when you shake at first sight!!
 A "baby" pillow pet!
 Gaga and Boppa got him his own tool bench with tools like Daddy!!
Sapphira has been playing with a cash register in the toy box at my work and really loves it, so Gaga and Boppa got her one of her own...yay!

After we had some playtime, we ate a yummy ham dinner and changed the kids into their Christmas jammies.  A good day filled with fun and family. ♥

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