Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas program

Each year at the beginning of December, the preschoolers get to sing two songs they've been practicing for the congregation during the church services. It is always so much fun watching them and guessing how they'll react to being on stage. Although neither of them sang or did any of the motions, they did well and didn't fuss even though they saw us in the crowd.
During the first service.  Not too sure about all this...
She spotted GaGa and Boppa!
Showing Malachi her jingle bells...can you see him behind the red shirt?
Oh Bubba...
During second service...much more sure of themselves.  Sapphira found Malachi and left her riser to stand next to him.  This makes my heart happy as Malachi was more excited to stand next to his sister than his best friend.  ♥♥♥
Sharing her bells with Bubs...he was more than happy to have two sets. :)
Trying to get Bubba to follow the rules and stand up like everyone else...
...and Bubba saying "nope".  :)
Waving to Mommy and Daddy in the front row. ♥♥♥

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