Saturday, December 24, 2011


Sick, sick, sick!  It all started with Malachi on Saturday 17th.  He had spent the night at Grandma and Papa's house the night before and had been complaining about his neck hurting before he left and then his leg hurting while at Grandma's.  When he came home, I could tell by just looking at him that he was sick.  As the evening progressed, he began to refuse to move his neck, putting his le-le blankets around his neck to make it feel better, and just plain bawling over little things...sooo not like him.  At one point in the evening, his temperature was nearly 103 and just a little later was 95 and was accompanied by the chills and a belly ache.  The advise nurse said to take him to the ER.  We got right in and got settled in a room.  Poor boy just layed in bed and watched Christmas movies on TV and Cars on the laptop.  After a urine test and nasal flu swab (totally traumatic by the way!), it was determined he had a virus and the neck ache was simply some body aches.  They have him a dose of motrin and sent us home.  We were sad he wasn't feeling well, but soooo thankful it wasn't worse...that neck pain scared me!!!
The sweet nurses, gave him two Cars 2 cars to help him calm down after the nasal swab.  Poor boy...Daddy had to hold his legs, and I laid on his upper body and arms in an attempt to hold him still.  This special gift perked him up a bit.  When we picked up Sapphira from my parents house, he showed her the cars and said "see these cars, Sapphira?  They are so special to me!" ♥♥♥

On Monday the 19th, I came home from work with a sore tummy which progressed into the flu on Tuesday morning.  I had been saying I wanted to take a day or two off from work before Christmas, but body aches and vomiting weren't what I had in mind!  oy

Tuesday evening after we put her to bed, Sapphira began throwing up and continued to do so all night and the next morning.  She had a high fever, but was unable to keep any Tylenol down or the water she kept begging for.  We called her doctor mid morning and they scheduled her an appointment a couple hours later and they suggested we give her 2 teaspoons of gatorade every 5 minutes to try to keep her hydrated since often when your tummy is upset, it can't tolerate large amounts of liquid, but small frequent amounts are ok.  We got 8 teaspoons in her before she crashed in my lap.  Poor thing was soo tired since she hadn't slept all night due to her frequent vomiting.  About an hour later she woke up, asked for more drink, so we gave her 2 more teaspoons and she vomited all that up plus the 8 teaspoons from earlier.  Poor baby was so sick.  Her doctor gave her an anti-nausea pill and a bit later some tylenol which she was able to keep down.  After that she was able to keep liquid down and she guzzled gatorade all the way home.  After sleeping for the rest of the day, she was back to her normal sweet self.

Thinking we had all gotten this from Malachi, I was surprised to be woken up Thursday morning by Malachi throwing up at the foot of my bed.  I was so thankful he only did it twice and felt better later in the day. 

Since Christmas was so close, I jokingly told Samuel that he had 24 hours to get sick and be done if we wanted to got to our Christmas Eve celebrations together.  Thursday night was Samuel's turn, and felt normal by Friday night.  Thankfully we were able to participate in all our usual Christmas get-togethers.

This flu junk is so bad this year!!  I know of sooo many people struggling with this lately.  Hopefully it will run it's course and be done with soon!!

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