Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Happy Father's Day!

For Father's Day this year, I had the kids help me make some pictures for Papa and Boppa.  I guess I have kind of gone on a "gift strike" lately when it comes to family.  I have such a hard time finding gifts for everyone (don't get me started on gifts for men!!!), so I guess I subconsciously decided to just make small things and be sure to spend time with our loved ones instead.  It's cheaper (!!!) and probably a bit more memorable.  Who remembers which gifts they get from year to year, but everyone can remember specific moments spent with people we love. I found a father's day gift made with paint hand prints as leaves on trees, but I didn't have any paint, so I used green and pink construction paper instead.  After I cut out their hands, I let them color on their hands and then I cut out a tree trunk and glued the tree together.  I let Malachi write and draw a picture on the back and Sapphira also wrote "messages" on the back.  We had fun making them and I hope the recipients enjoy them as well.
 This message writing stuff is serious business
 I helped Malachi by telling him which letters to write
 His letters are getting so much more legible.
 If you look closely it says "I love you, Malachi".  He drew a dump truck on the left hand side and Sapphira wrote a message below the drawing.  
 Can you tell how much fun Sapphira had decorating her pink hands? ;)
 Boppa's picture

 Malachi also wrote "I love you, Malachi" on Papa's picture, but drew a tow truck on this one.  You can see Sapphira's extensive message below the drawing.  After this picture was taken, she added about five more lines of "writing".  As she wrote, the mumbled words and gibberish like she was reading what she was writing.  So sweet.  Once Malachi was done with his writing, he didn't care to stick around and went to play elsewhere.  But as you can tell below, Sapphira became really engrossed in the message writing process. 
 Deep concentration
 She was really telling Daddy something
 This is her "What?" face.
 Love that bottom lip
 Oops...not quite done.
How I love this girl.

Oh and yes I know that Sapphira had no clothes on and Malachi was still in his jammies well past lunch.  That's just how we roll at the Ramos house.  Hey...less laundry and arguments for me! ;) 

We spent the Saturday evening before Father's Day with Papa since they were going to the beach on Sunday.  We played outside, the kids "washed" cars and just enjoyed being together.  On Sunday, we ate yummy mexican food for lunch with Boppa, Gaga, and Bobo and then came home and had a quiet afternoon and evening together.  We are so thankful for such wonderful fathers in our lives.  We have such great family and support and our children have good role models to look to.  We couldn't be more blessed!!!

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