Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A knee or an elbow or a...

Malachi has been a pretty active boy all along--I think that I have been able to feel him since at least 13 or 14 weeks. I enjoy watching my belly move and shake while he does whatever it is that he is doing inside. In just the last couple of weeks though, he has started pushing up against my stomach and staying there long enough for me to be able to feel (what I am assuming is) his back or behind. Before that, whenever someone--including me--would put a hand on my stomach, he would move away from the outer edges of his womb, and stay very still. Because of this, no one but Samuel has felt him move or kick, and he was only able to after being very patient for a long time one evening with his head on my stomach. So I was surprised yesterday (and again today) when I could feel something poking me from the inside and when I pressed back where he was, I could feel something "pokey"--by pokey I mean a knee or an elbow, or a heel?? Who knows what it is, but it is fun to guess. Malachi has also taken to resting up near my ribs on my right side, just like his sister uncomfortable for mommy. I like it when he does it though, because when he does, I rub him with my hand and he has started not moving away from my touch and instead acting like he likes it. When I rub him, I can feel his arms or legs fluttering around my belly button, like he is reacting to me. The first time he did this, my heart leapt...he can tell it is me and he wants to be around me!! :) And of course I called Samuel ASAP!! Two more months and I can cuddle him. One of my friends at work had their baby last week and I got to cuddle him over the weekend...I have a serious case of baby envy!! :) I just can hardly believe that things are getting so close so quickly. Some days I think that I am ready, and other days I feel like I need another 40 weeks. But when it boils down to it, I just can't wait to hold my son (that word gives me the chills!) and settle into our new lives together. Maybe then I will be able to tell if it was a knee or an elbow or a... :)

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