Thursday, April 5, 2007

So much going on!!!

I know that it has been a while since I last and home life have been busy!! Where to start?? About a week or so ago, Samuel finally got his cpap machine--my does that thing work wonders!! The machine itself is smaller than a shoe box and the mask he wears is really pretty small--it only covers his nose. After the first night he was already sleeping better and harder (bad news for me since I need more help at night lately!!) and he is so much more rested. I am so thankful--I can tell that he feels better. I had a bit of a time getting used to the noise it makes--it's not loud by any means, just different. He likes to sleep facing the middle of the bed and I tend to sleep facing in for part of the night, so for the first few nights, I just couldn't sleep with this thing in my face making noise and blowing a breeze in my face (there is a little vent on the front of the mask that lets the breaths that he breathes out out of the mask so he doesn't choke), but I think that I am pretty much used to it now or just pretty much exhausted so maybe it just doesn't matter!! :) We also found out that it is 100% covered by insurance--not even a dime out of pocket!! Woo Hoo--definately a blessing from the Lord!

Last Saturday, March 31st, Malachi had his first party! It was a family shower and it was a lot of fun. I have been eagerly awaiting my baby showers since I didn't have any for Natalie and this one didn't disappoint. I got my stroller and carrier set, the high chair I wanted, and LOTS of cute clothes and other baby essentials. Our favorite outfit--not that we don't love everything we got!!--was something Uncle Lee and his girlfriend Lynette had made special just for Malachi. Take a look...

...Malachi's first personalized soccer jersey!! How adorable and thoughtful. Daddy is very excited!!

On the baby front...I just don't remember being so tired and sore all the time with Natalie. Maybe since I had 2 jobs and worked 16 hours a day, I just thought it was from that and was too exhausted and didn't have time to be sore!! haha At my last OB appointment, the nurse practioner (my OB is so busy I have to see her every other appointment!) thought I was measuring big my last few visits and wanted me to have an ultrasound to make sure "everything is ok." What?!? You can't just say something like that to me and not think that it will make me a basket case...remember my daughter died a year ago?? I asked her if I should be worried and she said, "Oh no, just want to make sure." So much for putting my worries at ease!! I spassed for a couple days and I'm just to the point now where I have realized that the Lord has taken care of us this far and Malachi has always looked good whenever we have seen him, so I should just take a deep breath and enjoy the fact that we get to see him again..."'For I know the plans I have for you,' says the Lord..." My OB thought that if Natalie had been able to go to term, that she would have been at least 9 pounds, and she was 21 inches long besides, so maybe we just make big kids!! I have an ultrasound scheduled for the we will see what happens. My belly is now measuring about 50 inches and I feel huge. Not too much longer--I figure about a month. Haha the pic I attached is me in all my glory--stretch marks and loose Natalie skin--no use in photoshopping I guess!!

Well, I think that is about all I have going on right now. Just trying to get the house and Malachi's room ready for him to come home. This feels so unreal...bringing a baby home. I know that it will be hard work, but so incredible. Better get back to my "To Do" list and get a couple more things marked off tonight!!

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buhtafly said...

so thats whats been going on with you! I have been thinking about you :) That outfit is adorable, and you look great!! Dont worry about Malachi! When they say that- they just mean they want to see how he is measuring- aka see how BIG he is:) I know its hard not to freak, they did the same thing to me because I was measuring smaller. I will be sending you calming prayers. :) hugs!